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SIB Teens (Ages 12-18)

SIB offers English Language Study-Holidays for teenagers every summer
This is a very personalised service, individual to each family and student.
It is a way for Italian children to improve their English language skills by completely immersing themselves in the Irish way on life. 
I suppose what makes my programme a little different from the others is that I minimise contact with the other Italian students taking part in the programme. Most of their time is spent with their Irish family, brother/sister and his/her friends only.

A two week SIB study holiday offers:

  • Full board Accommodation with warm and welcoming Irish family for 2 weeks
  • Transfers to and from Dublin Airport
  • 35 Hours intensive language course (Monday to Friday with maximum of 12-14 students per class)
  • Specialised didactic material and books
  • Afternoon activities and / or Saturday full excursion trips (language based, cultural, sporting and fun!)
  • Full Insurance (including medical)

Choosing a family for your son or daughter will without doubt be the most important part of what I do!
I will always do my very best to match Italian and Irish children with similar interests (sport, music, reading, art, horse-riding etc). This maximises the potential for friendship to develop resulting in superior linguistic advancement..

Our English language teaching staff areTEFL qualified but also fully qualified Second level English teachers.  They are all experienced in looking after the individual needs of our students and more importantly with children of this age group, are experts at encourageing and motivating young people to learn. Our groups are small (12 -14 students) and level appropriate to each child, unsuring that everyone will learn at the level best to them

Group Activities / Excursions take place three afternoons per week. Monday - Wednesday - Friday from 2 until 4.30 approximately.

Enquire for prices and more details.



Flying solo or sharing ??

How to decide what is best for your child . .


Option 1 – One student per host family


A fully immersive English language experience has always been one of our Teen programme’s main objectives for visiting students.

If your priority for your son/daughter is language development and seeing improvements in English language communication then this option is undoubtedly the  best one for you and your child..

Our Teen programme is specifically designed to encourage full immersion in the Irish way of life with a high quality host family who will have children  of their own, in or around your own son / daughter’s age. Teenagers for your teenagers!

Our one student per family programme gives your son or daughter exclusive access to his or her host family. The host family’s home will be an English Only Zone!

So, your son/daughter will be exposed to English all day. . In school and after school!


Option 2 –Two students per host family


While a full immersion experience will give your son or daughter the best possible linguistic benefits we also recognise that not all children and young adults are ready to go it alone.

Many, especially on their first trip abroad, will feel frightened at the prospect of being away from home without the support of family.

In this case travelling with a sibling or friend to Ireland can be a great way to introduce a foreign language trip to your child. Siblings and/or friends would be ideal travel companions for this option. A little bit of home from home!



Get in touch!

Soggiorni Irlandesi per Bambini (SIB)
Garristown, Dublin, Ireland

Tel: 00 353 1 6917603
Email: bridget@sib.ie

Our Happy Guests

Bellissima esperienza, che consente a genitori e figli di entrare a contatto con le abitudini del luogo. Una full immersion in lingua inglese, reso ancor più speciale grazie alla proverbiale accoglienza e gentilezza tipiche del popolo irlandese.
Un grazie speciale a Sarah e John, e ai loro 3 splendidi figli, che ci hanno fatto sentire come a casa nostra. Mio figlio (7 anni ancora da compiere) si è divertito tantissimo, noi siamo tornati in questa terra fantastica dopo 11 anni e ci siamo nuovamente innamorati di luoghi e paessaggi incantevoli!

Thank you Bridget, I hope to see you next year!!!

Alessia Cacciotti